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The power of intuition to self-heal with medical intuitive Carmel Bell

25 November 2015

Hi Spiritual Seekers I’m pleased to present my first interview with Carmel Bell, Medical Intuitive. Please be forgiving with me as I’m still learning how to interview people and have a terrible habit of replying to people over them! Haha!!  I will work on that I promise. Meanwhile whilst you’re enjoying your daily walk (hint … Read more


Visioning Meditation

8 May 2015

Hi Everyone!! Thanks for taking the time to read this message. I’ll make it short and sweet. Below I have included for you the Visioning Meditation that was done earlier in the year at the Healing Group. Visioning is a wonderful way to allow the Universe to show you what your higher purpose is. It … Read more


My Experience of Fasting

29 April 2015

This post is not me writing about how good fasting was or is for my body or health. I need to make that clear at the onset. I believe in health, but I don’t believe in all this conflicting health information going around at the moment about doing this or that to avoid cancer or … Read more


A New Take On Forgiveness

16 April 2015

I have lots of days like this…. I get up and meditate, exercise, lovingly get my children ready for school, then jump in the car and start driving. The next thing I know some crazy driver has done something crazy and I’m yelling and swearing (usually in Greek) at them! There goes my ‘zen’ out … Read more


Life or Death?

8 April 2015

I suppose everyone has their journey through death… people you know may have died, or you will at the very least heard of people dying. I know I often try to avoid the topic of death, and I certainly try to avoid funerals! Death makes me uncomfortable. Well actually, death terrifies me. Being ‘new age’ … Read more


Supporting My Body To Heal In The “Here and Now”

5 April 2015

I awoke this morning bemused by my dreams, still so vivid in my mind, still so alive in my consciousness. In my dream I was travelling, but had left behind my wallet and only had a little money on me, which was the wrong currency, in Brazil, which is where I happened to be. In addition … Read more


What is Qi Gong?

10 October 2014

I have people ask me all the time “What exactly is Qi Gong?”and although there is an ‘official’ meaning or probably several, I feel it is important as a Westerner not born into this system to offer what I feel Qi Gong is. Qi Gong is a form of  breathing, meditation and movement that promises … Read more


Why Is Everything Going Wrong?

10 October 2014

I sit at my computer thinking carefully of how to compose this post. I have had such a tumultuous time since returning from my overseas trip to Oregon USA this year. Have you ever had those periods in your life where it feels like you are grasping at straws, but no matter how hard you … Read more



1 May 2014

It’s a hard, difficult to digest realisation: Anger Rules Me! Most of the time I live in complete denial of this. I appear pretty calm, seem in control, act towards others with fairness and interest. Me angry? No way! Yet every time I go to the Chinese Medicine Doctor he says “bad liver, too much … Read more


“I allow myself to burst wide open and take in the pain of the world”

22 April 2014

“I ALLOW MYSELF TO BURST WIDE OPEN AND TAKE IN THE PAIN OF THE WORLD” I came across this affirmation recently and thought deeply about what it was trying to tell me. Here is what I came up with and wanted to share: What does this sentence mean to me? It means that your world … Read more


A LIFE WITHOUT ‘SHOULD’S’ – A One Week Challenge

28 September 2013

I’ve been knocked out for a week with the flu. Oh so many plans swiped by one tiny virus. On day one of my illness I said “I should eat breakfast”, but felt nauseated at the thought of eating. On day two I said “I really should do some exercise” but I couldn’t even lift … Read more



7 August 2013

I’m doing this wonderful online course with Margaret Gill, a Business Success Coach, but, and its a big but – I would like to add a Business Success Coach with a huge heart, and incredible inspiration!!  This is a key difference. Anyway, today on the call, we talked about so many amazing things that were … Read more