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How to overcome your old crappy beliefs and live a truthful, joy filled life with Catherine Bullard

10 November 2017

It’s been a little while since my last interview, but I am so happy I got the chance to chat with this extraordinary woman. Her knowledge of healing, self-love, and personal growth is amazing. I definitely learned a great deal from this interview. It helped me personally, which is why I conduct them –  so that … Read more


Tap into your psychic intuitive power with Melissa Meyers

11 August 2017

Today I interview Women’s Inspirational Mentor and Medium, Melissa Meyers. Melissa is the founder of the online course The Fun Way to Learn Psychic and Mediumship Awareness. You can find out all about her terrific online course HERE. Enjoy listening to us chat about how you too can tap into your most intuitive potential and … Read more


Love your body and change your life with Emma Wright

9 June 2017

Today I interview Emma Wright best-selling author, painter, mentor, public speaker and mother. She has written four books, sold over five hundred paintings, created the ever practical My Creative Biz Plan Workbook and won a national mountain bike title. We talk mostly about her book series Love Your Body Change Your Life – how she overcame her … Read more


The Miracle of Miron

7 March 2017

Hi Everyone Today I bring to you a short but informative video talking all about Miron Glassware. You can read lots more information and buy miron at www.violetflameglass.com. There may be other places online to find it too, but this is where I bought mine from and you have the option of buying drinking bottles … Read more


Come together with others and create life synergy with Michele Peppler

1 February 2017

Today I interview Michele Peppler. She was a popular guest once before and has returned to speak of finding your people and how collaborating with others can create magical synergy. Michele Peppler is a Melbourne-based Seeker, Visionary and Way-shower, deeply committed to awakening and evolution of humanity, and facilitating soulful connections along the way. A … Read more


Healing through sound with Wesa Chau

31 August 2016

Hi Spiritual Seekers I am joined by Wesa Chau today, talking about Sound Healing. She treats you to a sound healing performance as part of the Show – with the intention that you ride through the turbulent Mercury Retrograde period that we are currently in. You can find out more about Wesa at www.enlightenedheart.org.  


How to use archetype readings for life guidance with Barb Stone

31 May 2016

Hi Spiritual Seekers This week I am blessed to have interviewed Barb Stone on the incredible power of Archetype Readings. I regularly have such a reading myself as it reveals to me where I am playing games with myself, and when my positive archetypes need some nudging along in the right direction also. It gives … Read more


Self-healing advice with wellness coach Jo Surkitt

30 April 2016

Hi Spiritual Seekers   It’s interview day today and whilst I’m a little late posting this interview (because I have been crazy busy), it’s one definitely worth watching – but then aren’t they all!! I do love doing these and meeting such interesting healers with amazing information and healing to share with us all, myself … Read more


How to live an extraordinary life with David Wayne Callahan

22 March 2016

Hi Spiritual Seekers Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Life Coach and Personal Development extraordinaire DAVID W. CALLAHAN. David is based in Milan, Italy and I’m speaking with him today about the Three Principles based on the work of Sydney Banks was literally quite life-changing. I know you will find this interview entertaining, but … Read more


The healing power of natural skin care products with Debbie Etherton & Elwyn Thompson

24 February 2016

Hi Spiritual Seekers Today I interview Debbie Etherton and Elwyn Thompson who are the founders of LiquidEarth.com.au. They sell a range of organic essential oil skincare products that are both healing and uniquely made. All their range is imbued with energy and information adding to their healing effects. All the products can be purchased HERE. … Read more


Finding your soul tribe with Michele Peppler

20 January 2016

On todays Show, I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Life Coach Michele Peppler. She was wonderful to interview and super knowledgable. We mainly discussed the importance of finding your tribe. Michele has offered lots more information below as she promised during our interview PLUS AS A BONUS TO LISTENERS she has kindly … Read more


Optimize your conception success with fertility expert Helen Zee

10 December 2015

Today I interview Helen Zee, founder of Fertile Cosmos. As a Holistic Practitioner with expertise in fitness, yoga, nutrition, and counselling Helen acts as a Fertility Support Partner to couples in order to optimise their conception process. Helen discusses the art of getting pregnant and what you can do to enhance your chances of conceiving … Read more