A medical intuitive healing experience

Do you suffer from mysterious health symptoms that medicine can't explain or help with?

Do you lack energy no matter how well you eat or exercise?

Do you see other health professionals but your health problems never seem to get better?



Medical Intuition is the ability to use one’s intuition to “read” and assess physical illness or imbalance in the body and trace this back to it’s original cause, which is often emotional in nature.

_DSC5754 for webAs a Medical Intuitive, I can perceive where your imbalances are in the physical body as well as in your energy system.  The energy system is made up of of chakras, acupuncture meridians, and auric fields. I can often sense your physical and emotional imbalances as well as your family history and the experiences that directly contributed to your current state. I often also perceive things that are yet to occur to the body but may develop in the future.

Medical Intuitive's can vary in the way that they work.

My focus whilst being on making you physically better, takes a more emotional and spiritual view point. In my experience if your body for example is deficient in iron, giving it iron may not be enough. “Why is it deficient in iron in the first place” is the sort of question that I would explore. I have found after more than 15 years of this work, that the higher one seeks for this answer in the spiritual world the more instant and profound the change will be on the physical level.

“Focusing on the physical alone is not enough to create lasting changes and improvements in you! You need to look for the answers back where you made the decisions and choices that created your illness or imbalance in the first place. Once you find this, healing becomes instant and long lasting.” Helen Paige



My son was 15 months old when he started having Epileptic seizures. Even though we had him on many different drugs, some days he would have up to 17 seizures a day! It was so frightening and completely life changing. 

I decided to take him to see Helen, just to see if we could do something just to ease the seizures. Well the day before we saw her he had the full 17 in that day. The day after and every day thereafter he has not had even one. We took him off the medication very soon after seeing Helen, so we know it wasn’t a pure case of growing out of them, because not enough time had lapsed.

My son is about to turn 10 now. He has not had any seizures since seeing Helen, which was a week after his second birthday. I can’t thank Helen enough for the work she did with my little boy.

Chantelle Fava

What Does a medical intuitive healing involve?

A Medical Intuitive session is conducted anywhere in the world through SKYPE or TELEPHONE. The session is very relaxed and you will find me very easy to talk to. I will "tune in" and begin to describe to you what I am feeling and what information is coming to me that is causing your imbalances. As I relate this information to you, you are free to talk and express what you are feeling and thinking.

The body is a curious thing and natural healing even more curious. What I have observed is that your body is dying to tell someone what it really going on. When I listen and help you do the work required (i.e. shifting or releasing the emotional/spiritual/physical causes of the problem) the body begins to naturally correct itself. If an issue has not completely shifted or corrected I will let you know. However, it is often quite common for people to feel a change and healing ON THE SPOT. You will definitely feel a shift and pretty much 100% of people tell me they feel 'lighter' after a session. You may also be given information regarding what needs to change in your attitude, patterns, and habits that will keep your healing in place.



*** Please note that I am booked out until the 4th June 2018. If you pay now, you will be contacted about an appointment from that date onwards***

CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE MONDAY - THURSDAY - 1pm or 7pm Melbourne, Australia time

COST: $250 AU for one hour Medical Intuitive Healing

$150 for children under 14 years of age

Consultation is via skype/telephone



Sessions run for strictly an hour as this is the amount of time I can use my intuition and ability without draining my own energy.
Lisa Image

Wow! How does a person sum up in a few words one of the most meaningful and authentic experiences of their life? Talking to Helen Paige was like holding up a mirror for the first time and truly hearing what my mind and body have been trying to communicate with me all along. Helen presented me with information about myself so private and eerily accurate that there is no chance in my opinion that it was generic guessing.

After my session I felt lighter, a large weight off my shoulders and a realization that I have the power to heal my own body and ever since my consult my hands are warmer, my blood sugar isn't out of whack and I haven't had to reach for the antacids that I rely on daily. LISA