Optimize your conception success with fertility expert Helen Zee

Today I interview Helen Zee, founder of Fertile Cosmos. As a Holistic Practitioner with expertise in fitness, yoga, nutrition, and counselling Helen acts as a Fertility Support Partner to couples in order to optimise their conception process. Helen discusses the art of getting pregnant and what you can do to enhance your chances of conceiving whilst on IVF or trying naturally. We had a wonderful time chatting about fertility and Helen gives some fantastic information I know you will find valuable – whether you are wanting to conceive a baby or a new project like me!!  Fertility is all about creating, no matter what you are creating.

You can find Helen Zee and her work on www.fertilecosmos.com and Helen has generously offered listeners (and watchers), a 50% discount on her YOGA AND QI GONG FOR FERTILITY DVD (normally $30, NOW ONLY $15) if you enter the DISCOUNT CODE: perfect health – only for a limited time!!! . You can purchase it HERE.

How amazingly generous of her is that!!! So jump on that one because I find her DVD is so brilliant and a wonderful healing and balancing resource for me personally, and I think you will too