Self-healing advice with wellness coach Jo Surkitt

Hi Spiritual Seekers


It’s interview day today and whilst I’m a little late posting this interview (because I have been crazy busy), it’s one definitely worth watching – but then aren’t they all!! I do love doing these and meeting such interesting healers with amazing information and healing to share with us all, myself included. I always step into my “childlike” and “beginners” brain before doing interviews as I want to learn new things and experience the perspective of the person I am interviewing. Jo was a wealth of information and even shared some self-healing tips. Her transition from the corporate world to running her own wellness retreats in Torquay Australia shows the power of intent and inner transformation that is possible for us all. Now she lives a calmer, more balanced and healed life and shares that healing and knowledge with others like you and me. So enjoy today’s show!

And Jo’s details to get in touch…

JO SURKITT – Ph: 0417 549 218