How to live an extraordinary life with David Wayne Callahan

Hi Spiritual Seekers

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Life Coach and Personal Development extraordinaire DAVID W. CALLAHAN. David is based in Milan, Italy and I’m speaking with him today about the Three Principles based on the work of Sydney Banks was literally quite life-changing. I know you will find this interview entertaining, but even more so, life-altering to your perception and life. Enjoy the interview.

You can contact David directly:
David Wayne Callahan
Milan, Italy
+39 3401479188
skype: david.callahan76

Please do email me if you would love David to come to Melbourne, Australia for a seminar. I am thinking August would be perfect. The more people email me ( and let me know they would be interested in attending, the more likely we can run an event.

You can find out more about the topics we are talking about in today’s interview on these websites: and