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Angelos Diploma of Medical Intuition

EXPLORE....your spiritual abilities
EXPAND....your self-awareness
EMPOWER....yourself and others to heal and grow

The Angelos Diploma allows you to work as a "medical intuitive" which is a highly sought after and specialized field. Not only can you command higher prices, but your work is varied and interesting. Upon completion of the course, you are entitled to join the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and gain full insurance as a Medical Intuitive with AON insurance company.

The full course in 2017 involves 6 full days of training. Initially, you are trained for two consecutive weekends. Three months later you undertake another two consecutive weekends.

During this three month period, you also receive a full mentoring session every two weeks. This is the most important part of the training, as Helen will mentor you one-on-one. You will receive 6 personal coaching sessions to make sure you finish a confident, capable healer. Sessions are held via skype.


  • Healing practitioner who want to take their healing to another level!
  • If you have always felt you are a healer or light worker, but haven't undertaken any training and want to begin working as an accredited practitioner.
  • Healer's who want to specialize in Medical Intuition. You want to be recognized and use that title as part of what you offer.
  • Practitioners who want to make more money - we will cover marketing and positioning and how to make sure you don't invest in a course and then never use it!
  • This course is for YOU if you want to be the BEST healer out there! The one people tell their friends about.
  • The perfect course to increase your intuition and confidence as a healer!
  • This is for practitioners who want to GIVE AMAZING RESULTS to clients! This healing REALLY works like nothing else out there.

~ Weekend 1 ~
The Art of Medical intuition

EXPLORE the world of Medical Intuition....

Learn how to scan the human energy field and physical body for illness or imbalance and how to heal all that you find.

This weekend will cover:

  • Increasing all your intuitive senses to be able to assess the physical, emotional and energy systems.
  • How to understand disease through the chakras, meridians and auric fields.
  • The Morphogenetic Field - What it is and how to activate healing through it.
  • The 12 Mind Power Centres of the body located within vital nerve centres of the body and how to heal the mind and body through them.
  • Utilising Delphini® Symbols to correct physical imbalances and emotional issues, as well as the use of all informational symbols to do this. Participants will be guided to develop their own unique healing symbol.
  • Changing the beliefs that keep you stuck in the same old bad habits. Changing deep held beliefs is the most effective way to change health for good.
  • Learn how to release long standing genetic and non genetic issues coming from your family tree or past life events. Many ailments and emotional patterns actually do not stem from this life and this existence. Explore the world of how family relations can affect subsequent generations and how to break this pattern utilising an easy to learn technique that really works.

At the completion of this workshop you will not only be able to contribute to incredible changes to your health and the health of family and friends, but to your emotional state too.

You will also learn how to utilise Angelos Energy to make higher healing effortless and completely safe for you the healer.

~ Weekend 2 ~

EMPOWER yourself through these secret advanced energy and informational healing techniques, procedures and knowledge...

In this workshop you will be taught advanced energy healing techniques that include:

  • How to use kinesiology for assessment of yourself and others (muscle checking).
  • The science of chakras, acupuncture meridians and auric fields.
  • The movement of cranial structures (bones of the face and skull), and the side effects of this movement as well as how to correct them.
  • How to assess the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and correct them.
  • Detailed assessment and corrections for spinal subluxations.
  • The cause and effects of mental and physical reflux and how to correct it.
  • How to cleanse and protect yourself from lower energies, and other people’s energies.
  • How to keep yourself grounded.
  • How to integrate all that you have learnt to conduct a full healing session.
  • You will be guided through various meditations and qi gong forms that will help you to increase your intuitive ability.

There will be some anatomy and physiology that will be covered during this weekend, but no previous knowledge is expected of you. This workshop will blow you away, when you finish and realise all the things you will be capable of correcting!

~ Weekend 3 ~
mentoring and further learning

You will also receive three skype sessions (one per month) with Helen to personally mentor you and guide you to be the best healer you can be. She will discuss your own personal blocks (which often come up when healing others), as well as your progress with case studies.

Three months onwards, following on from the completion of case studies and mentoring, the group will meet again to gain further mastery of healing. During the remaining weekend, each person will present their case studies and experiences and will have the invaluable opportunity to debrief with me and other peers. This is a unique and wonderful mentoring opportunity. Each person will also be required to conduct a healing on a new client as part of their final assessment.


As part of your assessment, you will be required to carry out three consultations with three different 'clients' (3 clients x 3 times), that you will be responsible for finding, and record your results and experiences.


You will also receive your class notes ahead of time in a safe online learning platform where you can contact Helen and meet the other participants.



Held in Melbourne, Australia

First weekend: Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March 2018

Second weekend: Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March 2018

Your investment to become the best healer out there is
ONE PAYMENT of $2497 AU dollars

Or six easy payments of $499 AU dollars


  • Six full days of one-on-one training
  • Three personal coaching sessions with Helen Paige
  • Support like no other to become the best in your field

Are you ready to change your life? To go from not making any money to making a REAL living doing what you love? Now is the time to become an international MEDICAL INTUITIVE.


IMG_2197The Medical Intuitive Course has enhanced my healing abilities and strengthened my abilities. It has filled a gap within me that I had been searching for many years. The course has completed within me what Dr Usui had started years ago when I sat for Reiki 1 and 2. Dr Usui insisted at the time that I had to take the healing to a completely different and advanced level. The Medical Intuitive Course has reinforced it and taught me different ways to handily healing. Thank you Helen.


Medical Intuitive and Owner of Eternal Love Healing Centre

IMG_2188The Medical Intuition course has provided me with the confidence to be a successful healer. The course provides the foundation for you to adopt your true healing style and helps you to embrace your intuition with ease. The content was well covered and a beautiful nurturing space created was very supportive. Thank you Helen!


Medical Intuitive and Founder of

IMG_2193'Interesting experience!' I was suffering from grief and a major family change at the time and felt reluctant to do the course feeling that I could do without it! However, it proved invaluable in my own healing over this time as well as learning about myself and spirit. So interesting and rewarding and met some great and inspiring people. I would highly recommend this course! This is in addition to learning about becoming a practitioner in my own right!!


Medical Intuitive and Illustrator

IMG_2194Very informative and accepting of your own individual healing intuitive approach. This then made me comfortable of who I am as a healer and becoming the best I can be. I learnt and saw a lot of different healing approaches which I will take with me and even more confidence with my connection to my higher intelligence. I am so grateful that Helen has been and will continue to be my spiritual teacher!


Medical Intuitive