Come together with others and create life synergy with Michele Peppler

Today I interview Michele Peppler. She was a popular guest once before and has returned to speak of finding your people and how collaborating with others can create magical synergy.

Michele Peppler is a Melbourne-based Seeker, Visionary and Way-shower, deeply committed to awakening and evolution of humanity, and facilitating soulful connections along the way.

A former corporate manager turned Soulful Relationships Mentor, Author, Trainer and Speaker, she supports aspiring change-makers undergoing the awakening process to reconnect with themselves, their calling and their people. Her real, raw and grounded approach to consciousness and spirituality takes the voodoo out of the woo-woo and enables deep transformation for those starting a spiritual path without feeling like they’ve somehow been thrust into spiritual olympics!

She believes we all have both an individual spiritual purpose & a collective one, and that in this time of unprecedented change we are being called upon to come together with others in our soul-families & soul groups to co-create great things – together we can change the world.

Michele is founder of Within, Without Mentoring & Events & Project Wake-Up; Author of ‘How to Make a Career from your Calling’; Columnist for Wake Up World, Smart Healthy Women’s Magazine; Regular guest presenter for conscious festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and Maitraya and has even infiltrated mainstream publications like ‘The Age’ and the ‘Sydney Morning Herald.’

Michele’s Up-coming programs:


A shared journey of embodiment designed to call in your King by owning your Queen
Dates: (Feb: Sat 4: 10-2pm Thurs 7-9pm: 9, 16, 23 | Mar: 2, 9, 16) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SOULFUL CONNECTIONS – Collaborations for the New Earth (17 Feb | 17 Mar)

A monthly facilitated connector event for those who hate small talk and want to have meaningful connections with others who want to change the world.

Michele also offers private mentoring globally via Skype.

Connect with Michele@ or via Facebook ‘Project Wake-Up’